What is VIP Tier in 99minds?

What is VIP Tier in 99minds?

VIP Tier program help to increase customer engagement and participation with the business. Having VIP tiers is beneficial for businesses as it helps to increase their acquisition and retention rates. Likewise, VIP tiers are beneficial for users as it motivates them to spend more to get to the higher tiers and enjoy exclusive benefits.

For instance, a business can have three VIP tiers - Platinum, Gold, Base (Default). Every new user will commence their journey from the Base tier, a.k.a the Default tier. As they make more purchases, say, after making purchases worth $5000 in a year, they will move to the next tier (Gold). Similarly, users will scale to the highest tier based on their purchase history/total amount of orders in a calendar year.

To get started with VIP Tiers, please refer this documentation that explains how to create a VIP Tier. Once you have created the VIP Tiers, you can create a workflow to automatically assign customers to VIP tiers based on their lifetime spent with the business and their spending pattern.
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