How to Create Bulk Coupons in 99minds?

How to Create Bulk Coupons in 99minds?

Customers can create bulk coupons within 99minds in a single click! Before creating bulk coupons, make sure you have created a coupon rule. Refer this documentation to create a coupon rule in 99minds. 

Create Bulk Coupons

Create Bulk Coupon

Once you have created the coupon rule, follow the steps below to create bulk coupons -
  1. Navigate to Coupons > Coupon Rules section
  2. Select the coupon rule from the list and click on the title
  3. In the coupon rule details screen, click Create Bulk Coupons
  4. Enter the quantity of coupons to be created as part of the coupon rule
  5. Click Create Coupons
  6. The coupon will be created and the details will be displayed in the Coupons screen. To view the coupon details, click the coupon code from the list of coupons. You will see the coupon details section with detailed information about the coupon, the coupon rule information, coupon transaction details.

Import Coupons

You can also create bulk coupons by importing a CSV file. Click Import Coupons in the coupon rules details page.
  1. Download the sample CSV. Enter the details in the CSV file and save the file.
  2. Drop/choose the CSV file
  3. Select whether the coupons can be issued (coupons cannot be redeemed before they are issued) or cannot be issued (coupons are automatically treated as issued and can be directly redeemed)
  4. Select whether to skip duplicates or stop on duplicates
  5. Click Import. The coupons will be created and will be visible in the coupon rules details page.

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