How to Create and Manage Webhooks in 99minds?

How to Create and Manage Webhooks in 99minds?

99minds platform allows organizations to set up Webhooks to allow applications to communicate with each other and trigger messages in case of any critical activity within the application. 99minds allows customers to create and manage webhooks for external or internal services.

Follow the steps below to create a new webhook - 
  1. Navigate to Settings > Webhooks. Click Manage to create and manage webhooks for external or internal services.
  2. To add a new webhook, click New Webhook
  3. In the Add Webhook Endpoint screen - 
    1. URL - Enter the URL to which the Webhook makes an HTTP callback
    2. Active - Turn on the toggle to set the webhook to active state
    3. Events - Select the list of events from the drop down
    4. Headers - Enter the key and value for the Webhook. Click Add to add additional keys and values.
  4. Click Create to add the new Webhook

Manage Existing Webhook Details

To view the existing webhook details, navigate to Settings > Webhooks section. Under the URL column, click the webhook URL that you want to view/edit. To disable the webhook, click the Disable button. Click Delete to delete the webhook from 99minds platform.

To test the webhook connection, click Test Webhook. Select the event from the drop down and click Submit.

The Application Details section will list the information such as Webhook ID, Webhook URL, Events, Active status. The Signing Secret section will contain the secure signing secret key. The key will not be visible by default. Click Click to Reveal to view the signing secret key.

The Webhook Attempts section will list the details of the number of times the Webhooks was triggered. The Events section will list the details of the events such as event name, event timestamp.

To Update the webhook details, click Update to make the changes.

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