How to Create and Manage Roles in 99minds?

How to Create and Manage Roles in 99minds?

Roles are the different user position levels within an organization. For example, within a business, there can be different roles such as Product Manager, Store Manager, Area Manager, Team Leader, Members, Staff etc., Each of these members will have predefined roles to perform within the organization. Therefore, individual roles can be created to define access levels required for the members to the different modules of 99minds platform. Administrators can create different roles for the members and assign them permissions to different modules in the system.

Adding a New Role

Follow the steps to add a new members to the team - 
  1. Navigate to Settings > Teams. Click Manage to manage the teams.
  2. Click Manage Roles > Add Role to create a custom role to assign team members. For eg.,, cashiers can only have access to the WebPOS, marketing managers can access only workflows and so on.
  3. In the New Role screen, enter the following details - 
    1. Role Name - Enter the role name (Eg., Cashier, Marketing Manager, etc.,)
    2. Active - Toggle the active status to On to enable the role
    3. Role Description - Add a description to explain what the role is all about
    4. Available Modules - Turn on the toggle (under WEBPOS, MANAGEMENT) for the required operations that will be attached to the role
  4. Click Save to create the role in the 99minds portal. To reset the details in the screen, click the Reset button.

View Existing Role Details

To view the existing role details, navigate to Settings > Teams section. Click Manage Roles. 

Under the Role Name column, click the role name that you want to view/edit. The Role Details section will list the information such as Role Name, Role Type, Role Active Status, Role ID, Role Description and Created date information. Click the role name to view the details of a particular role. The role details page will display the role status (active/inactive). The Available Modules section will list the available operations for the specific role.

Assign a Role to a Team Member

Once you have set up the roles in the platform, the roles can be assigned to specific team members. Select the member and assign them a role depending on the organization requirements. Selecting the role from the drop down will display the role access privileges and the list of modules for which the user will have access.

Follow the steps below to assign a role to a team member - 
  1. Navigate to Settings > Teams. Click Manage to manage the teams.
  2. Click Assign Role to allow access to specific modules to team members
  3. Under the Basic Details section,
    1. Select Member - Select the team member name from the drop down
    2. Select Role - Select the role (that we created in the previous step in this article) from the drop down. This will open up the Available Modules section where you can select the operations that will be available to the team member.
    3. Select Store - Select the Store from the drop down
  4. Click Save to assign the role in the 99minds portal. To reset the details in the screen, click the Reset button.

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