How to Create and Manage a Team in 99minds?

How to Create and Manage a Team in 99minds?

The Teams tab is used to add team members to the organization. Adding members to the organization can be viewed as forming an organization team for carrying out the gift card business. Businesses can also associate admins to the gift card portal from the Teams tab. The role of the members is to perform different duties in the organization. This helps the members to perform specific tasks that are assigned to them thereby contributing to the overall business objectives. At the organization level, it means that the work is distributed to different members and each member can perform their roles to achieve the organization's objective. The different roles can be defined based on the modules (such as vendor, business unit, store, area and so on). A member will only have access to their module and will not be able to see the other segments outside their assigned roles. If a team member is assigned with the admin access, they will have permissions to view and access all the modules of the portal.

Adding a New Member to the Team

Follow the steps to add a new members to the team - 
  1. Navigate to Settings > Teams. Click Manage to manage the teams.
  2. To add a new team member, click Add Member
    1. First Name - Enter the first name of the team member
    2. Last Name - Enter the last name of the team member
    3. Email - Enter the email address of the team member
    4. Is Admin - Enable the checkbox if you want to provide complete access of all the modules to the team member
  3. Click Send InviteThe member will receive an invitation email requesting them to activate the account. Click Access your account to activate the email account. You will be requested to set up a password to log in to your account. Enter the password and the confirmation and click Set Password to set the password for the member account. Click Log In to continue.
  4. Until the email is activated, the status will show as "not active" with a red cross mark under the "Active" column against the member's name. To activate the member's email / if the member did not receive the email, click the member's record from the list. Within the Member Details section, click the Resend Invite button to trigger the invitation email once again to the member's email address.
If you do not verify the account and try to log in with the user credentials, you will see a validation message as "Account is not verified". Similarly, once you have set the password and if your roles have not been set, you will see a validation message as "You haven't been assigned any roles yet. Please contact your administrator to resolve this."

Manage Existing Team Member Details

To view the existing team member details, navigate to Settings > Teams section. Under the Member Name column, click the member name that you want to view/edit.

The Member Details section will list the information such as Member ID, Member First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Is active status and Is Admin status. If the member has been assigned a role, the role information will be displayed in the Permissions section beneath the member details. If no role has been assigned to the team member, the Permissions section will display the message as "The user has not been assigned any role yet. The user won't be able to login until a role is assigned." If the team member is an Admin user, you will see the message as "The user is an Admin and has access to all modules" under the Permissions section.

To Update the team member details, click Update to make the changes. Click the Resend Invite button to resend the email invitation to the team member.

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