How to Create and Manage a Customer in 99minds?

How to Create and Manage a Customer in 99minds?

Users are the people who contribute to the organization or the vendor's business. The "user" can be an organization employee, workers, partners, stakeholders, etc. who will be given a remuneration for the services provided by them. The customer can send gift cards to users as per the request from vendor or company for a payment in place of any traditional payment mode such as pay-check, hard cash, or cash deposit.

How to Create a Customer in 99minds?

Follow the steps outlined below to create a user within the 99minds platform - 
  1. Navigate to Customers section from the left navigation menu
  2. Click Add Customer to add a new customer
  3. To add a single customer, enter the name and email or phone number. Click Save to save the new customer details.
  4. To add multiple customers, download the sample CSV. Enter the details in the CSV file and save the file.
  5. Drop/choose the CSV file. Click Upload.
The Customers screen will display the customer information viz. Customer Name, Customer Email, Customer Phone Number and creation timestamp. You can also filter the records in the table by filtering on name/email/phone.

How to Manage a Customer in 99minds?

Once a customer has been added to 99minds, click on the customer name to view the customer details. You can perform the following operations for a particular customer - 
  1. Issue a Gift Card to the customer. Ensure that you have created a gift card before performing this step.
  2. Issue Coupon to the customer. Ensure that you have created coupon rules before performing this step.
  3. Issue Store Credit to the customer. Ensure that you have created store credit cards before performing this step.
  4. Issue Loyalty Points to the customer. Ensure that you have created loyalty cards before performing this step.
  5. Create Referral Code for the customer. Click Create Referral Code to create a custom referral code for each customer.
In addition to these information, you can also view the list of orders made by the customer, gift cards purchased and the recent transactions, coupons created/issued and the count of times the coupon has been redeemed.
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