How to Create and Manage a Campaign in 99minds?

How to Create and Manage a Campaign in 99minds?

The first step in creating gift cards in 99minds is to create a campaign. Campaigns allows to create configuration sets for different types of gift cards - reloadable, one-time use, custom expiry periods, promotional, and so on. Customers can create and manage campaigns for special occasions to sell gift cards. For example, a Black Friday Sale, a 20% off on Gift cards worth more than $100, special offer for Thanksgiving, etc.
Create New Campaign

Follow the steps to access the Campaigns section - 

  1. Navigate to Gift Cards > Campaigns. Click Add Campaign.
  2. In the New Campaign screen, enter the following details -
    1. Campaign Name - Enter a relevant campaign name. The campaign name shall reflect the type/nature of special offer. Example - "Black Friday Sale, Christmas 30 days exclusive". This is a mandatory field.
    2. Currency - Select the default currency for the campaign (gift card) from the drop down. This is a mandatory field.
    3. Delivery Mode - Set the delivery mode to digital if you want to have a digital gift card or physical if you want to have a physical gift card. This is a mandatory field.
    4. Campaign Type - Set the campaign type - promotional or in-store
    5. Card Number Length - Enter the number of characters in the gift card number. For example, entering means the gift card number will be 8 characters long.
    6. Card Prefix - You can add specific prefix characters to the gift card number for easy identification purposes. The prefix characters will be N < Card Number Length. For example, if you are running a Black Friday Sale and you are issuing special gift cards, you can set up the gift card number with the prefix as BFS5AV92. In this case, the prefix should be entered as BFS. This is a mandatory field.
    7. Character Set - Specify the character set that you want to use for the gift card number - letters only, numbers only, or a combination of letters and numbers
    8. PIN Required - When enabled, you can generate a PIN for every gift card. Customers must provide this PIN at the time of redeeming a gift card. By default, this option is turned off. Turn on the toggle to enable PIN.
    9. Activation Required - When enabled, the gift card must be activated by the end-user before redemption. By default, this option is turned off. Turn on the toggle to enable the option. When the option is activated, the gift card will be created in the "Deactivated" state. Otherwise, the gift card will be created in the "Activated" state.
    10. One Time Use - When enabled, the gift card can only be redeemed once during the validity period. If there is any balance amount after using the gift card, the amount will be forfeited. By default, this option is turned off. Turn on the toggle to enable the option.
    11. Reloadable Card - When enabled, the user can reload the gift card with an amount of their choice. By default, this option is turned off. Turn on the toggle to enable the option.
    12. Barcode Required - When enabled, a barcode will be generated for the gift card. By default, this option is turned off. Turn on the toggle to enable barcode. When enabled, select the barcode type from the dropdown.
    13. Giftcard Card Value(s) - Set the minimum and maximum value range of the gift card. Example: Minimum - $50 and Maximum - $1000. This is a mandatory field.
    14. Card Expiration Period - Select the expiry period of the gift card. You can choose from 30days/3 Months/6 Months/1 Year/3 Years/Never/Custom. Clicking Custom will allow you to enter the expiry period in number of days. This is a mandatory field.
  3. Click Submit to create the new campaign

Manage Existing Campaign Details

Businesses can manage the campaign details, gift card details, additional information like total cards, issued amount, redeemed amount, outstanding amount available as part of the campaign. Businesses can create bulk gift cards and import gift cards.

To manage the campaign details, navigate to the Gift Cards > Campaigns section. Click the campaign name that you want to modify. In the campaign details screen, click Update to make the changes. Click Submit to save the updated campaign details.
You can only make changes to Campaign Name, Card Number Length, Card Prefix, Character Set, Preloaded Card, PIN Required, Activation Required, One Time Use, Reloadable Card, Barcode Required, Gift Card Value(s), Card Expiration Period.

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