How to Create a Coupon Rule in 99minds?

How to Create a Coupon Rule in 99minds?

Coupons are the best way to engage with customers and increase the engagement with your store. For instance, a FreeShipping coupon will allow customers to receive free shipping for their order if the amount is over a specific threshold value. Similarly, businesses can generate coupons for special occasions like New Year, Christmas, Anniversary sale. In such cases, businesses can create a coupon rule within 99minds. Coupon rules allows businesses to create configuration sets for different types of coupons - fixed, percentage, free shipping, etc. 

For example, businesses can create the following coupon rules -
  1. Fixed Coupon Type to offer a discount of USD20 on all customer orders
  2. Percentage Coupon Type to offer a fixed percent discount on customer orders, say 15% off on customer orders
  3. Free Shipping Coupon Type to enable free shipping
  4. Shipping Discount of 10% off on order worth under USD50
For each of these coupon rule types, the business can define the maximum usage of the coupon rule type (say, 1000 during the offer period) and maximum usage allowed per customer (say, 2 times during the offer period). Businesses can also define the minimum order quantity and/or the minimum order subtotal for which the coupon rule can be applied.

Follow the steps below to create a coupon rule in 99minds - 
Create Coupon Rule

  1. Navigate to Coupons > Coupon Rules from the left navigation menu
  2. In the Coupon Rules section, click Create Coupon Rule
  3. In the New Coupon Rule screen - 
    1. Title - Enter a title for the coupon rule. The coupon rule name shall reflect the type/nature of coupon code.
    2. Currency - Select the default currency for the coupon rule from the drop down
    3. Platforms - Select the platforms where the coupon code can be used. By default, coupons are created on all installed platforms. If you want to restrict the coupons on specific platforms, select the platform from the list.
    4. Coupon Rule Type - Select the type of coupon rule (normal) from the drop down
    5. Coupon Type - Select the coupon type from the drop down (fixed, percentage, free shipping, shipping discount)
    6. Coupon Length - Enter the number of characters in the coupon code. For example, entering 8 means the coupon code will be 8 characters long.
    7. Character Set - Specify the character set that you want to use for the coupon code - letters only, numbers only, or a combination of letters and numbers
    8. Coupon Prefix - You can add specific prefix characters to the coupon code for easy identification purposes. The prefix characters will be N < coupon code length. 
    9. Coupon SuffixYou can add specific suffix characters to the coupon code for easy identification purposes. The prefix characters will be N < coupon code length. 
    10. Value - Enter the coupon code value
    11. Max Usage - Enter the maximum number of times the coupon code can be used in total during the active period
    12. Max Usage Per Customer - Enter the number of times a customer can use the coupon code during the active period
    13. Coupon Expiry Period - Select the coupon expiry period from the drop down (30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, never expire, custom number of days)
    14. Minimum Requirements - Select the minimum quantity and minimum subtotal from the drop down
    15. Customer Eligibility - Enter the customer ids that are eligible to use the coupon codes
    16. Applies to - Enter the category/product/excluded product/variant id of products to which the coupon code can be applied by users
  4. Click Save to save the coupon code rule

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