How to Assign VIP Tiers to Users?

How to Assign VIP Tiers to Users?

Businesses can set up automated workflows to automatically assign VIP tiers to users either based on their purchase history in terms of total order count or amount spent during a specific period of time. To understand this scenario better, let's take couple of examples -
  1. If a customer spends a total of $5000 in a year and if they are in the default base tier, they will be assigned the next tier (Silver)
  2. If a customer spends a total of $10000 in a year and if they are in the silver tier, they will be assigned the next tier (Platinum)
  3. If a customer spends a total of $10000 in a year and if they are in the default base tier, they will be directly assigned the higher tier (Platinum)
Assign VIP Tier to Customers

Businesses can set up the workflow from the Automated Workflows section within 99minds platform. Follow the steps explained below to create a workflow. Let's consider the first example from the above - 
  1. Navigate to Workflows section from the left navigation menu
  2. Click Create Workflow. Click VIP Loyalty Program pre-built workflow template to get started.
  3. For the Order Paid trigger, click Add Condition to add conditions specfic to the trigger. Based on the above example scenario, we will select the condition as "If order total is greater than $5000". 
  4. Click the Add Condition below to add the second condition as "If customer VIP Tier is Bronze"
  5. Click Add Action to select the action to be executed when the workflow is triggered (when the above conditions are satisfied). Select the action as "Assign VIP Tier as Silver"
  6. Click Save Workflow. In the General Settings screen, give the workflow a name, a start date and end date. By default, workflows are executed for all installed platforms. If you want to execute only on specific platforms (say, only on BigCommerce), select the platform name from the drop down.
That's it! You have now created the VIP tier workflow successfully. When the user makes a purchase of $1000 or more and they are in the base tier, their VIP status will automatically be moved to the next higher tier (Silver).
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