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How to Build a Custom Workflow in 99minds?

Custom workflow allows businesses to set up complex triggers, conditions and actions for transactions made on eCommerce platforms and reward customers with store credits, loyalty points, coupons.

To build a customer workflow,
  1. Navigate to Workflows section from the left navigation menu
  2. Click Create Workflow. Click Create Custom Workflow to get started.
  3. Click Select Trigger to start the workflow. Triggers act as the starting point for the workflow. These are the events for which customers should be issued with rewards at the end of the workflow.
Create Workflow

For better understanding, let's consider an example scenario. We'll be using Successful Referral as the trigger. The condition to be checked is as follows "If the order total (referred) is greater than $100, issue 100 store credits to both referrer and the referred. Additionally, offer 1000 loyalty points to the referrer."
  1. After selecting the trigger, click Add Condition to add conditions specfic to the trigger
  2. Let's select the condition as "If Total Price greater than or equal to 100"
  3. Click Add Action to select the action to be executed when the workflow is triggered. We'll be selecting multiple actions like "Issue store credit for referrer, Issue store credit for referred, Issue loyalty points for referrer"
  4. Click Save Workflow. Give the workflow a name, a start date and end date. By default, workflows are executed for all installed platforms. If you want to execute only on specific platforms (say, only on BigCommerce), select the platform name from the drop down.
That's it! You have now created a workflow successfully. When a successful referral happens, store credits will automatically be credited to referrer and the referred. The referrer will also get loyalty points as set up in the workflow.
Custom Workflow
Custom Workflow - General Setting

Custom Workflow - List of Triggers, Conditions and Actions

Below are some of the triggers, conditions and actions that can be added for the workflow - 
Order CreatedIssue Store CreditOrder Subtotal
Order PaidIssue Loyalty PointsOrder Subtotal including tax
Refund IssuedIssue Gift CardTotal Price
Account CreatedIssue CouponsTotal Price exclusing tax
Successful ReferralAssign VIP TierTotal line items
Points ClaimedAdd DelayTotal Quantity
Total Spent
Orders Count
Store Credit Balance
Loyalty Point Balance
Store Credits Claimed
Customer's VIP Tier

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